Sunday, November 9, 2014

When do issues stop being funny?

I've always loved how this group can laugh our way through serious issues. We all love to reminisce on how one of our first group bonding experience was over Mark's balls.  I am pretty sure we all peed ourselves a little that day. 

You guys all know my Ellie. She has never been the most comfortable in social situations.  It is now getting to the point where I am really worried and upset. I am not writing this for anyone to offer any kind of solution or advice. I am just posting it as an outlet. 
Eliana started school in September. blah blah Now it's November. I took off of work on Friday to go to her school to spy to see everything for myself. Just like the teachers said, Eliana just stands there. She will not play. When I spied it was outdoor playtime. All the children were on bikes, playground equipment, cars, sandbox etc. Eliana stared and refused to participate in anything. According to the teacher this was a good day because she wasn't hugging the teacher's leg, she was merely standing next to it. When I picked her up I asked her if she wanted to show me her playground outside. She raced outside and couldn't wait to play on everything. It was like a serial dieter finally being allowed cake. 
Let me get to the really serious part. You guys once again know Ellie and her love of food. We have had complete strangers approach us in restaurants to comment on their shock and amazement at how well she can put it away. 

Eliana will not eat at school. 

When it is snack time she will stand off to the side. She will not sit at the table. When it is a birthday party, she will even refuse CUPCAKES! In this entire situation, that has been the most shocking and upsetting part. MY CHILD REFUSES CUPCAKES!?!??! I cannot even begin to comprehend that. The sheer amount of self control and stubbornness and need for control astounds me. 

We are working on these issues and the school has been amazing and supportive. I know everything will work itself out. Sometimes you just need to vent. And sometimes you just need to think about giant balls and laugh.