Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Laundry Trunk

I love hacks to make my life as Stroller Dad a little easier. I'll share the other tried-and-trues, but today I'm sharing the brainstorm I had last Friday.

Problem: I hate dropping off and picking up laundry with my daughter in tow. It used to be a breeze. She'd ride in the Ergo and I'd load the 20-30 lb. laundry on my Bugaboo Chameleon. It worked pretty well, but the laundry was still somewhat hard to balance. 

Recently we picked up a "wheeled board" stand-up attachment for our stroller. I thought my daughter could ride on the board while the laundry rode in the seat like in the old Ergo days. It worked fairly well, until she lost interest in the "Fun Board."  

I thought, what if she rode in the seat and the laundry rode on the Fun Board?  

Solution: I went through our luggage and grabbed a duffle bag strap—a nylon strap with two plastic clips on each end, the same thing used on a laptop bag. You probably have a couple laying around your place. I clipped it to the shoulder straps (that my daughter doesn't wear anymore anyway, just belt strap for this one) and slung it around the bag of laundry. Some easy adjusting, and BOOM! 

I give you the LAUNDRY TRUNK. 

Safe, secure, steers like a dream. 

If you don't have a Bugaboo, I bet this would still work. Let me know.

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