Thursday, August 14, 2014


My first blog ever

I have never done this before and I am very self conscious about sharing any of my thoughts in writing because it means they are there forever!.  But here goes YOLO right :).  
As I plan my move to the West Coast I am spending a lot of time reminiscing about my time here with my tribe or GANG.  I have cried almost daily and can’t imagine my life without the ladies who have helped me through all the trials and tribulations you experience as a new mom.  
But to backtrack for a moment.  I am not a new mom.  I am a seasoned mom with a 13yr old.  I was a very young mom and enjoyed every second with my oldest but something was missing.  I had the family support and the great friends don’t get me wrong but no one was experiencing what I was experiencing when I was experiencing it.  I went through life different.  I didn't have the college years or the crazy one night stands (Ok I had one but it doesn't really count because that's now my husband). I would go out but always came home to my baby boy and never had the carefree 20’s in order to find myself like so many others had. So I set a goal and went for it hoping it was right for me.
Fast forward 10 years and my second angel comes along.  This time I’m ready (right?).  I have a career, a husband, baby knowledge!!! Then she’s born and FUCK everything has changed. I’m breastfeeding for the first time, my husband is a newbie and thinks I know everything, I’m living in my own home without my family right there to help me when she won’t shut up.  I don’t remember ANYTHING.  Luckily I realized I needed support and went in search of it. Now it didn't happen over night. It started with a music class and a walk for coffee after.  Then I went to the park and started talking vaccines. I joined a baby boot camp and met a few more moms.  Over the course of 2 ½ yrs I became friends with a group of women who were so very different and so very the same.  For the first time in my life I wasn't the “young mom”.  I was with a group of women going through the same thing I was going through at the same time I was going through it.  We were all educated women who had goals and careers, then our babies arrived and our goals and aspirations changed.  We wanted to be with our kids but not lose our independence. We were sleep deprived. We went un-showered for days at a time (its a fact new moms never get to shower).  Some were breastfeeding, others pumping, and others formula fed. Some worked full time, some part-time/per Diem, some not at all. We would meet for drinks at 1pm or a walk or at the park. Our kids were all going through changes daily.  It was a joy to laugh and cry and scream with people experiencing the same challenges as me.
Now as many of us charter new territory including new jobs, new homes, new states, I feel so incredibly sad to be losing my crew. I’m sure I will meet new amazing people who will teach me new things but I’m afraid I will never experience the non judgmental,  supportive, unconditional love I had received from these beautiful ladies and a gentleman.  

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